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Neerja is a 2016 Indian Hindi-language biographical thriller film directed by Ram Madhvani and written by Saiwyn Quadras and Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh. It was produced by Atul Kasbekar's company, Bling Unplugged, alongside Vijay Singh's Fox Star Studios. The film features Sonam Kapoor as the title character, with Shabana Azmi, Yogendra Tiku and Shekhar Ravjiani in supporting roles.

The plot centers on the Libyan-backed Abu Nidal Organization's hijacking of Pan Am Flight 73 in Karachi, Pakistan, on 5 September 1986.[3] The film is shown from the point of view of the flight's head purser, Neerja Bhanot, who thwarted the hijack attempt by alerting the pilots, thus grounding the plane. She was killed by the hijackers while helping to save 359 of the 379 passengers and crew on board.[3] The government posthumously awarded her the Ashoka Chakra; she was the youngest person to receive it.

Development began in September 2014, when Kasbekar signed Madhvani and Kapoor for a film to be made by Bling Unplugged and Fox Star Studios. Saiwyn Quadras and Sanyuktha Chawla worked on the script, with principal photography taking place in Mumbai. The film features music by Vishal Khurana, with lyrics written by Prasoon Joshi. Neerja was released on 19 February 2016 to positive critical reception, with praise directed to Kapoor's performance

The film opens with 22-year-old Neerja Bhanot (Sonam Kapoor) arriving late for a house party. Later that evening, her mother Rama Bhanot (Shabana Azmi) expresses concern about Neerja's job as a flight attendant, suggesting that Neerja should return to her old modeling career . Neerja insists on keeping her job. She is driven to the airport by her friend Jaideep (Shekhar Ravjiani).

Neerja reflects on her brief, unhappy arranged marriage to Naresh (Kavi Shastri), a professional in Doha, Qatar, who abused her over her small dowry and inability to clean. She eventually returned home for a modeling contract. Naresh sent her parents a letter complaining about the dowry and their daughter's lack of domestic skills, demanding that Neerja either bring back money or not return at all. Neerja left Naresh and landed a job with Pan Am Airways.

As Neerja boards Pan Am 73, it is revealed that the Abu Nidal organization, a Libyan-sponsored terrorist group, has plans to hijack the plane in Karachi. The plane takes off from Mumbai's Sahar International Airport and lands in Karachi, where the four Abu Nidal terrorists, disguised as security officers escorting a Libyan diplomat, hijack the plane. Neerja quickly alerts the cockpit, and the three American pilots escape through the overhead hatch, fleeing to the terminal under fire from the hijackers. The American pilots had just enough time to escape, as the hijackers did not realize that the cockpit of a Boeing 747 is located upstairs.

When an Indian American passenger reveals himself as an American, one of the terrorists murders him and throws his body off the aircraft in front of the Pakistani negotiators. The terrorists try to locate a radio engineer among the passengers by ordering Neerja to make an announcement over the intercom. When Emran Ali (Shashi Bhushan), a Pakistani radio engineer , begins to stand up, Neerja signals for him to sit down. The terrorists have the flight attendants collect all passports to identify the American passengers and hold them hostage; Neerja and her colleagues collect the passports, disposing of any American passports by throwing them down trash chutes or hiding them under seats. Dejected over not finding any American passports, the hijackers locate a British passenger and hold him hostage.

The Pakistani negotiators inadvertently reveal the name of radio engineer Ali, whom the hijackers bring to the cockpit to use the radio for negotiations. Meanwhile, the Pakistani authorities try to stall for time. When a younger terrorist assaults the passengers and molests the attendants, the terrorist leader chastises him; humiliated, the younger terrorist storms into the cockpit and shoots Ali, screaming wild threats over the radio. While negotiations with the Pakistani air controllers drag on, the negotiators slowly lose control of the situation, with the hijackers becoming more agitated by the minute.

Around 17 hours later, the plane loses auxiliary power, and the lights go out inside. Despite Neerja and the other attendants' attempts to explain, the terrorists assume the Pakistanis cut the power deliberately, and anticipate an imminent Pakistani raid on the plane. The panicking hijackers begin shooting down passengers indiscriminately; at great peril to her own life, Neerja opens the rear door and deploys the chute, directing passengers out of the plane. Choosing to let the passengers escape first, Neerja is fatally shot by the terrorists when she tries to shield young children from the gunfire. The film ends with a tribute to Neerja, who was eventually honoured posthumously with the Ashoka Chakra, India's highest military decoration awarded for peacetime valor, courageous action or self-sacrifice.

Sonam Kapoor as Neerja Bhanot. In an interview with IBT, Kapoor describes her character and explains, "Neerja is an extremely principled girl with the most amazing characteristics. She had the presence of mind, the compassion, and the kindness to take care of other people and not herself."[5]
Shabana Azmi as Rama Bhanot, Neerja's mother
Yogendra Tiku as Harish Bhanot, Neerja's father
Shekhar Ravjiani as Jaideep, Neerja's friend
Saad Orhaan as Saad Mallik, Inzamam's subordinate
Abrar Zahoor as Zayd Safirini, a terrorist
Jim Sarbh as Khalil, a terrorist
Ali Baldiwala as Mansoor, a terrorist
Vikrant Singta as Fahad, a terrorist
Kavi Shastri as Naresh, Neerja's ex-husband
Bobby Arora as Ayn Zoya
Edward Sonnenblick as Capt. Jack Snipes
Arnold Malek as Capt. Harrison James
Waqar Khan as Co-Pilot Richard Bertrand
Nikhil Sangha as Akhil Bhanot, Neerja's brother
Arjun Aneja as Aneesh Bhanot, Neerja's brother
Ismail Mohammed Mirza as Al Turk
Sushil Tyagi as Inzamam Younis
Andy von Eich as Karl Malone
Meghana Kaushik as Sanjana
Eisha Chopra as Debina
Sunanda Wong as Tina
Anjali Khurana as Dolly
Shashi Bhushan as radio engineer Emran Ali
Aarush Rana as Jatin Desai
Shaurya Chopra as Shaurya Desai
Vishwendra Singh as Akram Baig
Chandra Thakur as a Pan Am official
Manya Chopra as Bhavika Desai
Prashant Guptha as Rahul Kumar
Asha Joshi as Sujata Kumar
Alex Kozyrev as Ronnie Heston
Ikhlaque Khan as Musthaq Khan

Development and casting
Sonam Kapoor on the sets of 2011 film Thank You
Actress Sonam Kapoor was selected to play the titular character of Neerja Bhanot.
Pre-production work on Neerja began in September 2014, when the film's executive producer Atul Kasbekar said that his company, Bling Unplugged, would co-produce Ram Madhvani’s film along with Fox Star Studios. Kasbekar later tweeted, “Do U Know Who Neerja Bhanot Is? No? Well U Really Really Should...”.[6] He said, “For us [...], a story of courage as exceptional as Neerja‘s simply deserved to be told. We just decided that we would our bit to ensure that India would remember one of its great heroines.”[7]

The film's screenplay was by Saiwyn Quadras, and the dialogue was written by Sanyuktha Chawla Sheikh.[8] The director of photography for the film was Mitesh Mirchandani, who had been previously associated with 2012 film Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana. The editing for the film was done by Monisha R Baldawa, and Manohar Verma served as the stunt director for the film.[9][10]

Kapoor was contracted by Kasbekar to play Neerja Bhanot, the senior flight crew member. On receiving the role of Neerja in the film, Kapoor told PTI, "I thought doing this film just reaffirms that it is about not bowing down. It is an inspiring story for me to do. I am blessed."[11]

It was reported in May 2015 that Shekhar Ravjiani, one half of Bollywood's performing/producing duo Vishal–Shekhar, would play a short role in the movie, marking his acting debut.[12][13] Shabana Azmi played the role of Neerja's mother in the film. In an interview with The Indian Express, Azmi describes her character and explains, "It was very difficult to play her, particularly the last scene where Rama addresses an audience. It is an extremely well-written emotional scene, which does complete justice to the moment."[14]

Filming and post-production[edit]
“So Ram you’re making this film Neerja, do you realize the responsibility that you have? You’re actually going to be building a set, you’re not even using a real plane and then you’re going to get people as passengers. Do you realize what actually happened on that plane [...]?”

– A journalist friend of Ram Madhvani [15]
Principal photography of the film commenced 19 April 2015 in Mumbai.[16] After two months of filming, the shooting was wrapped up on 19 June 2015. Kasbekar tweeted, "Amazing! And it’s a wrap on Neerja !!! 32 shooting days!!! That’s Two More days than Birdman took!"[17] During the principal photography of the film, many Bollywood celebrities visited the film's sets, including Vidya Balan, Boman Irani, Anil Kapoor, and Raju Hirani. "I knew that getting Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, Vidya Balan, Raju Hirani and Anil Kapoor to speak to the 220 cast would help instill dedication and effort that this film would require," director Madhvani said in a statement.[18]

The makers of the film acknowledged the responsibility of portraying the story. One challenge faced was acquiring a real plane for shooting; director Ram Madhvani and Rucha Pathak decided to re-create the plane because a major part of the film required shooting against the plane back-drop. It took them 48 days to build the plane, which closely resembled the original one.[19]

The film's visual effects (VFX) were by Tata Elxsi. VCL[a] produced a wide range of visual effects, including the creation of Karachi airport and buildings, and also helped in creating the 1986 period restoration for various locations. Huseini Barodawala, the head of Tata Elxsi, said that “It has been our constant endeavor to leverage our VFX expertise to transform the director’s vision onto the big screen and offer larger-than-life experiences to all our viewers

The film had a special screening on 16 February 2016 in Mumbai, which was attended by celebrities, including filmmaker Karan Johar; Subhash Ghai; Kapoor’s father, Anil Kapoor; Sachin Tendulkar; Yuvraj Singh; Sunil Gavaskar; Ayushmann Khurrana; and Amit Sadh. The film received a positive response from many Bollywood celebrities, with Tendulkar calling Neerja Bhanot a "Braveheart" and saying that "the people should definitely watch the film."[26]

The film was released worldwide, in approximately 671 theatres, on 19 February 2016. Upon release, Neerja received positive reviews, with praise directed to Kapoor's performance,[27] and was a moderate box office success.[28][29][30] The film was also praised by Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who tweeted that the film's message was, "Live for others, die for others."[31] The film emerged as one of the highest-grossing Bollywood films featuring a female protagonist.[32][33]

Neerja was banned in Pakistan since the film shows Pakistan in a negative light. The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) maintained that the film should not be considered "banned" in Pakistan because it was not submitted to them.[34]

The film was declared tax-free by Government of Maharashtra and the Government of Madhya Pradesh.[35]

The Finance Minister, Jayant Kumar Malaiya, said, "The movies Neerja and Jai Gangaajal will be free from entertainment tax in Madhya Pradesh on account of International Women's Day which was celebrated yesterday." Producer Kasbekar, replied on Twitter, "Big thank you to MP Poonam Mahajan and the Hon CM Devendra Fadnavis in declaring Neerja tax free in Maharashtra. Quick and decisive decision.

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In this article we write a complete information hollywood Film Review. In this article we write a list of horror movies missions movies civil war movies based on jungle movies batman movies superman movies Warcraft  movies based on animal movies based on biography drama comedy adventure based on full action movie based on full romance movies based on adventure action and other type of movies details are provide in this article. A good collection of all fantastic movies 2016 are here

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Watch Aashiqui_2 Free Online In hd

Aashiqui 2 (English: Love 2) is a 2013 Indian musical romantic drama film directed by Mohit Suri. Starring Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles, it was produced by Bhushan Kumar and Mukesh Bhatt under the T-Series and Vishesh Films banners. Set in the early 2010s, Aashiqui 2 is a love story centering on the turbulent relationship between musicians Rahul and Arohi, a relationship which is affected by Rahul's issues with alcohol abuse and temperament.

The film is a spiritual successor to the 1990 musical film Aashiqui, and initially caused concern in the Indian media that the film could live up to the high standards and success of the original. Production of Aashiqui 2 began in 2011, with the principal photography taking place in Cape Town, Goa and Mumbai on a budget of ₹90 million (US$1.3 million).

The film which premiered on 26 April 2013 received a positive to mixed critical reception and became a major commercial success at the box-office despite featuring newcomers, earning ₹1.09 billion (US$16 million) worldwide within the first four weeks. It was declared as a blockbuster by Box Office India after its three-week box office run, and is the highest-grossing film ever produced by Vishesh Films. The soundtrack to the film became very popular after its release; the songs "Tum Hi Ho" and "Sunn Raha Hai" topped the charts across various platforms in India. It was later remade in Telugu as Nee Jathaga Nenundali[3]

The film opens by showing a large crowd waiting for Rahul Jaykar (Aditya Roy Kapoor) – a successful singer and musician whose career is waning because of his alcohol addiction – to perform at a stage show in Goa. After nearly completing a song, he is unexpectedly interrupted by Aryan (Salil Acharya), who was losing his career due to Rahul's, during his performance. Rahul fights him, stops his performance, and drives to a local bar. He meets Aarohi Keshav Shirke (Shraddha Kapoor), a bar singer who idolises Rahul. After noticing Aarohi looking at a photograph of Lata Mangeshkar in the bar, he assumes that she wants to become a singer. Impressed by her simplicity and voice, Rahul promises to transform her into a singing sensation, and asks her to never perform again in bars. Due to his assurance, Aarohi leaves her job and returns to Mumbai with Rahul, who convinces record producer Saigal (Mahesh Thakur) to meet her. When Aarohi calls Rahul, he is attacked and injured by some thugs, and is unable to receive her call. His friend and manager Vivek (Shaad Randhawa) says that news of Rahul's accident should not be leaked to the media, and instead publicises a false story that Rahul has left the country to participate in stage shows. When Aarohi attempts to contact Rahul again, Vivek ignores the calls. After two months of futilely attempting to contact Rahul, a broken Aarohi is forced to sing in bars again because of her family problems.

Meanwhile, Rahul recovers from his injuries and Rahul again starts the search for Aarohi. He learns that Aarohi is working in a bar again and that Vivek had ignored her calls without informing him. Rahul apologises to Aarohi and fires Vivek, and they meet with Saigal for the recording agreement. Rahul begins to train Aarohi, who signs a music contract to sing in films and becomes a successful playback singer. Her family and Rahul are happy, but when people begin to gossip that Rahul is using her as a servant, he relapses into alcohol addiction. Aarohi, who loves Rahul more than her career, comforts him and they spend the night together. Despite Aarohi's mother's disapproval, Aarohi moves in with Rahul and things go well until Rahul's addiction worsens, causing him to become aggressive and violent.

To help Rahul fight his alcoholism, Aarohi attempts to rehabilitate Rahul, sacrificing her singing career in doing so. After Saigal reminds them about their dream of Aarohi becoming a successful singer, Rahul orders her to focus on her work. During Aarohi's stage show, Rahul meets a journalist backstage, who accuses him of using Aarohi for pleasure and money. Furious, Rahul beats up the journalist and starts drinking. He ends up in jail, and Aarohi comes to bail him out. Rahul overhears Aarohi telling Saigal that she is going to leave her career for him and is ready to give up her celebrity status because Rahul is more important to her. Rahul understands that he has become a burden in her life, and that leaving her is his only option to save her. The next day, he bids her farewell by assuring her that he will change his lifestyle and commits suicide by jumping from a bridge.

Distraught by Rahul's death, Aarohi decides to leave her career but Vivek persuades her to stay. He reminds her that Rahul wanted her to become a successful singer and killed himself as he did not want to be a burden on her and remain an obstacle in the path of her success. Aarohi agrees, and returns to singing. Later, she signs her name as "Aarohi Rahul Jaykar" in a fan's handbook as a tribute to Rahul and her unsung desire to marry him. As rain starts falling, she watches the couple who took her autograph sharing a romantic moment under a jacket as she and Rahul had done when he was alive.

Aditya Roy Kapoor as Rahul Jaykar
Shraddha Kapoor as Aarohi Keshav Shirke/Aarohi Rahul Jaykar
Shaad Randhawa as Vivek:Rahul's Manager and best friend
Mahesh Thakur as Saigal
Shubhangi Latkar as Aarohi's mother
Chitrak Bandhopadyay as Salim Bhai
Mahesh Bhatt as Rahul's father (voice)
Salil Acharya as Aryan
Ashish Bhatt as Reporter

In September 2011, the Indian media reported that Mahesh Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar were keen to remake the 1990 musical blockbuster Aashiqui.[4] Kumar approached Bhatt for a possible sequel, although it was Shagufta Rafique's melodramatic romantic script which persuaded him that the film had potential as a sequel and decided to proceed with the project.[5] Given Aashiqui 's status in Hindi cinematic history as one of the finest Indian musicals of all time, many expressed concerns towards the decision to remake the film, dubious that the producers could come up with a soundtrack on par with the quality of the 1990 film.[6] Bhatt stated that they completely resisted the temptation to use the soundtrack of the earlier film, and promised that Aashiqui 2 would revive the era of melodious film music, as Aashiqui had done 22 years ago.[7]

It was reported that Madhur Bhandarkar had been approached to direct the film, but later turned down the offer because of other working commitments.[8] It was confirmed in November 2011 that Vishal Mahadkar, director of Blood Money, was to direct the picture,[9] but the following month it was announced that Mohit Suri had replaced Mahadkar as director at the last minute. Bhatt confirmed the development, saying "Earlier we had finalised Vishal for the project. But now we have scrapped that idea and found a fresh one. We got Mohit to direct the film".[10] Several media outlets falsely reported that the film is a remake of the Vishesh films 1990 love triangle Awaargi. However, Mahesh Bhatt denied the rumours and said "Aashiqui 2 is not a remake of any of our films. It's an original script. A very contemporary love story dealing with mature emotions."[6]


Left:Shraddha Kapoor. Right:Aditya Roy Kapur
The film's producers launched a nationwide talent hunt to discover new faces for the film, initially refusing to employ established actors. However, the actors who came to audition were not promising enough for the roles, and the idea was scrapped.[11] Mahesh Bhatt said, "It was a disastrous talent hunt. We discovered that people lacked the courage to audition. Those who are amateurs went for audition ...and people with certain talent were like why should we risk public rejection."[12] When Suri saw some pictures of Aditya Roy Kapur and met him, he found Kapur perfect for the role and cast him to play the male lead.[11] In June 2012, Shraddha Kapoor was signed to play the female lead.[7] Bhatt said, "Yes, Shraddha Kapoor is playing the lead with the two boys Aditya Roy Kapur and Shaad Randhawa. We found her to be very talented. All three actors have extremely challenging dramatic roles."[7] When asked about replacing new actors with known ones, Suri said "People said I couldn't make a film with new actors and expect an audience to come in. But I was pretty sure I wanted Aditya and Shraddha to play my protagonists. My writer Shagufta Rafique and I saw them as the protagonists. See, Aditya and Shraddha may have had unsuccessful films before. But that never took away from their talent."[11]

Principal photography for the film began in October 2012 with film's lead cast.[13] The film was shot in Goa, Mumbai and Cape Town.[14] During the filming in South Africa, Shraddha Kapoor needed medical attention after kneeling on broken glass fragments during the scene in which she had to kneel on the floor and talk to her co-star Aditya Roy Kapoor.[15] Aditya Roy Kapoor also received burns to his hand during the filming of the scene in which they light some Chinese lanterns in Cape Town.[16]

Marketing and release
The first teaser was released on 22 March 2013, and was well received by critics and audiences.[17] Unlike other films whose theatrical trailers are released first, the makers of the film chose to release the songs before the trailer.[18] The first song, "Tum Hi Ho", was released on 23 March 2013 to unanimous critical reception from critics and became very popular among the audiences. The song became an instant hit with approximately 2 million views on YouTube within 10 days of release, which helped in the marketing of the film.[19] Various versions of the song were uploaded by amateur singers, guitarists and DJs on social networking sites.[20] It has been trending on Twitter and YouTube since its launch.[21]

The film's preview poster showing Aditya and Shraddha under a jacket in a rain-drenched street with the streetlight casting a glow was released along with music on 8 April 2013.[22][23] At the music release event, Aditya and Shraddha recreated the scene from Aashiqui from under a jacket (much like the poster) on the stage.[22] The theatrical trailer was released in mid-April 2013, two weeks before the film's release, and was well received by critics and audiences.[18][24]

Unlike most Bollywood films which indulge in months of promotion before the release, Aashiqui 2 had less than three weeks for promotion before its release.[21] A music concert where singers (who sang songs in the soundtrack album) performed to their respective songs was organised to promote the film.[25] The makers of the film launched the Aashiqui 2 jackets, as seen in the film's poster. Statues resembling the signature image of the couple hiding under the jacket were placed inside various theatres.[26] Due to the romantic theme of the film, it was originally planned for a Valentine's day release on 14 February 2013, but this was postponed because of production delays.[27][28] The film's new release date was 10 May 2013,[29] but it was released a fortnight early on 26 April 2013 in over 2800 screens across India.[30][31] The film was not released in key markets such as UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.[32]

The film received mixed to positive reviews from critics, who praised the performances, chemistry between the lead pair, and the music. Taran Adarsh of Bollywood Hungama rated the film 4 out of 5 stars, stating that it "brings romance back on the Hindi screen – intense, pure, selfless and heart wrenching. A stirring account with brilliant moments, bravura performances, strong emotional quotient and addictive music, this one's an absolute must watch for the romantics." He praised the lead cast's performances, writing that " ...Aditya Roy Kapur's depiction of the intense character is outstanding... [which] clearly demonstrates his potency as an artist of caliber and competence. Shraddha also gets to sink her teeth into this challenging character and the attractive youngster is simply amazing, more so towards the demanding moments in the second hour. Furthermore, the chemistry between Aditya and Shraddha is incredible."[33] Indiatimes gave the film a rating of 3.5 out of 5 and said, "Suri pitches the story with old-world romance, high-drama and well-crafted heart-breaking moments."[34] Indo-Asian News Service rated the film 3.5 out of 5 and wrote, "Director Mohit Suri traverses the angst-soaked territory with a sincere and deep understanding of the dynamics that destroy love and trust between couples in the glamorous and competitive profession", and that, "Aashiqui 2 makes us grateful for the movement of the love story away from the standard Romeo & Juliet format into the dark destructive domain of A Star Is Born."[35]

The film also received some mixed reactions from critics. Writing for Hindustan Times, Anupama Chopra rated the film 2.5 out of 5 and believed that the film didn't fulfill its potential, but said, "It's an interesting scenario and Suri and his actors set it up well. Aditya gives Rahul's angst a certain charm. He is earnest and broken. And the real triumph here is Shraddha, whose porcelain face has a haunting vulnerability. She's very good as the woman in the throes of a grand passion who believes that love will show the way."[36] Resham Sengar rated the film 2.5 and questioned the logic behind the script and believed that several of the scenes either dragged on excessively or were too abrupt, which affected the quality of the entire film.[37] India Today also gave the film a rating of 2.5 stars out of four, and argued that the film was only a success because of its soundtrack, saying that the film "merely banks on the power of saleable music and the novelty of a fresh cast to enable brothers Bhatt, Mahesh and Mukesh, [to] make maximum moolah within minimum budget as they have done all along."[38]

Box office
On its opening day, Aashiqui 2 collected about ₹52.5 million (US$780,000)[39] and collected ₹179.2 million (US$2.7 million) during its first weekend.[40] The film collected ₹346.5 million (US$5.1 million) in its first week.[41] In the second week, despite new releases, it collected ₹173.5 million (US$2.6 million), which took its two-week box-office collections to ₹470 million (US$7.0 million).[42] It remained steady on weekdays and collected ₹165 million (US$2.5 million) in its third week and total collections rose to ₹635 million (US$9.4 million).[41] The film had the highest third week collections of 2013 to that date.[43] The film's revenues remained consistent in its fourth weekend and took its total to ₹710 million (US$11 million).[44] Box Office India declared Aashiqui 2 a super hit after its three-week box office run. As of 20 May, it was the second-highest grossing Hindi film of 2013 and the highest-grossing film produced by Vishesh Films.[41][45] According to Box Office India, Aashiqui 2 is the best trending film at the box office since 3 Idiots as the fourth week's collections were nearly ₹75 million (US$1.1 million) nett, which was more than every film released in the last ten years apart from 3 Idiots. The fourth week collections were the third highest of all time.[44] The film collected ₹57.5 million (US$850,000) nett approx in its fifth week.[46] The film went on to gross approximately ₹780 million (US$12 million) in its sixth week at the domestic box-office.[47]

Internationally, Aashiqui 2 collected around US$150,000 over the first weekend because its limited release meant it was only released in UAE and Pakistan.[48] The film collected ₹1 billion (US$15 million) worldwide in its fourth week.[49]

During its entire theatrical run, the film earned ₹1.09 billion (US$16 million) worldwide